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[Solved] New feature: comment feed

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One of the main features that the site is lacking is notifications i.e. being informed when new comments of interest have been added. As it stands you have to click into each crossword and try to recall which comments you've seen and which comments you haven't - this is less than ideal. While I haven't implemented notifications yet, I have added a comments feed which should hopefully improve the overall experience. The new page ("your feed") can be accessed via the menu in the top right. The way it works is that it will show you all comments from puzzles that you have set. It will also show you comments from other puzzles that you have commented on, but only after the point of your initial comment. The page will show up to 50 records at the moment, this may change in the future to show all and load them in blocks allowing an infinite scroll.

Obviously this is my interpretation of what I think is useful/sensible, please do let me know your thoughts on the new functionality.

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Nice addition, Raider - thank you!

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